Solutions and Capabilities


  • Campaign/content development

    • Programming made simple through widgets and scripting tools.

    • Advertising campaigns tailored to fit each specific location.

    • Providing easy functionality to add peripherals such as printers, web cams, scanners, scent puffers, facial recognition, etc.

  • Real-time content management to modify and store results of optimized campaigns. 

  • Interactive sales demonstrations.

  • Coupon/voucher distribution.

  • Database integration such as Loyalty account information for campaign engagement.
  • Inventory and/or POS integration with options to implement mail order transactions from fulfillment center or remote stores.    .
Speed and Cost Savings
Typically, development of data-driven and interactive campaigns requires an agency to design and coordinate several vendors to finalize a campaign’s production. The skills and talents from creative and graphical teams, programming developers, hardware solutions, and more are needed (including 3D models, database integration, etc.).  With Kobalt and its embedded tools, complex campaign development is streamlined – saving significant time and costs in everything from program development to modifications of a campaign and maintenance. Savings are estimated to be between 50% and 80%, depending on the level of complexity being implemented.

Development Capabilities for impactful Content 
As an engine, Kobalt is fully modular and treats all features as components that are “plug and play” by nature. This allows for Kobalt to be customized for any deployment scenario, from today’s simple playlist strategy to tomorrow’s complexity of real-time 3D puppeteering.

Real-time data communications enable campaigns to connect to customer databases and consumer profiles to serve relevant content to individual customers.
Two-way transmissions capture an individual’s choices and interactions that are reflected in dashboards and reports while simultaneously updating the customers’ record in the database.