Case Study

Who: Times Square Test via Superior Digital Displays    

Where:  729 7th Avenue, located on the Southeast corner of 49th Street and 7th Ave with visibility from Central Park.    
As part of the proof of concept of Kobalt's capabilities, we wanted to show the versatility in the growing market of Digital Billboards. This is an important part of the DOOH mix, as it gives agencies important and considerable control when distributing campaign content in one format to several devices (ranging from a single tablet to a huge billboard).

Pebbles was provided access to a group of large, prominently placed signs in Times Square as the marketing launch site. At the time of the test, the signs boasted the most advanced technology with 4K resolution. 

  1. The test was administered through our web console from a remote location one block away.

  2. Exchanging the current media player for a Kobalt unit required a ride in a cherry picker. This was easily performed with three connections including the Internet.

  3. A series of ads were displayed with improved clarity.

  4. A loop of several ads for several cycles ran approximating 20 minutes before moving to another sign. 
  5. Tests included real-time (immediate) changes in advertising content/images.