Bringing tomorrow’s vision of digital engagement into your hands today   

We enable you to create and manage interactive and data-driven campaigns that influence the behavior of your customer base, in a fraction of the time compared to industry standards.     

Pebbles Digital Media has developed the software engine Kobalt to standardize the development, distribution, and playback of advanced interactive displays for advertising, hospitality, urban development, and new user experience retailing.

 Kobalt utilizes customer engagement and data-driven features to engage audiences at the point of purchase, ultimately increasing sales for their customers. Check out our video to learn more
  1. Flexible and Functional

    The web-based Console is utilized anytime, anywhere, with any web-enabled device to serve as the central system to disseminate and retrieve information from individual displays, kiosks, web and mobile features and functionality.
  2. Highly Innovative

    The proprietary software called Kobalt, offers the ability to manage innovative and interactive content that engages your market, and incorporate consumer databases for real-time decisions and relevant content presentation.
  3. Customer Focused

    Kobalt offers an enormous performance margin when compared to other digital display companies, contributing to consistent and stable performance for seamless access to data and content libraries for swift presentation of scheduled or relevant content.

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